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Bottle car and bicycle hire

Didn’t bring a bike to Brabant, but would you like a pleasant bike ride? Fine, that’s possible. The park has several bicycles that you can rent, both men’s, women’s and children’s bicycles. Excellent bicycles to explore the region. There is also a handcart available. Nice to explore the area with smaller kids that way. The handcart from Vakantiepark Zevenbergen is lightweight, so it is practical to use. The handcart is also large enough to take several children or belongings to their destination, for example the beautiful pond at the Bomenpark. It is advisable to reserve the bicycles and handcart in good time, so that you do not miss out.

  • Bottle car and bike rental
  • Bicycle maintenance
  • Free bicycle junction maps of the region are available
Bicycle maintenance

Bicycle maintenance

For your convenience, you will also find a technical wall at Zevenbergen holiday park so that you can keep your bicycle in optimal condition. Handy tools are available for adjustment of all bicycle parts. Of course you can also inflate your bicycle tires there.

Special transport

Special transport

There are countless ways to move through the beautiful Brabant countryside. With your own transport… or with very special transport. For example, you can rent solexes in the region. Prefer to go out with a summery deux chevaux? It is also possible. Inquire about this at the reception of the holiday park.


Walking and cycling routes

Nowhere in the Netherlands will you find so many different walking and cycling routes as at the Brabant junction. Zevenbergen holiday park is the ideal base for hikers and cyclists, and leads you through the region via dozens of routes. Ask for it at the reception.