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Heesch, also called Aangenaam Heesch, is centrally located in North Brabant. Connected to the nature reserves De Hooge Vorssel, Het Bomenpark, De Maashorst, Herperduin and nearby De Bedafse Bergen, it is a very special location. It is located in the center of Eindhoven, Den Bosch and Nijmegen. Places such as Oss, Schaijk, Uden and Veghel are ‘around the corner’. National Park De Loonse and Drunense Duinen also fall within the scope. Great Enjoy is therefore written with a capital ‘G’ in the Heesch region.

Largest nature reserve in North Brabant
Nijmegen, Eindhoven and Den Bosch
Nijmegen, Eindhoven and Den Bosch

Grootste natuurgebied
in Noord-Brabant

Het Oergebied In Brabant: De Maashorst. Wide heaths with beautiful views and extensive forests to special wetlands… North Brabant is the province with the most wonderful and beautiful nature. Wide heaths with beautiful views and extensive forests to special wetlands… North Brabant is the province with the most wonderful and beautiful nature. It is not without reason that Brabant is also the only province with no fewer than four national parks that lie within the provincial boundaries! Nature lovers know where to be! Zevenbergen holiday park is happy to guide you through your journey of discovery.


You will find holiday park Zevenbergen on the edge of the village of Heesch, on the side of Schaijk. The park is located in the urban triangle of Nijmegen, Eindhoven and Den Bosch. All three cities can be found in close proximity, at a distance of about 25 kilometers. The shopping places Oss, Uden and Veghel are located around the corner. Heesch has a picturesque village center with no fewer than 4 supermarkets, many specialty shops with local delicacies, clothing stores and so on. Nearby Schaijk is surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape.

Grootste natuurgebied in Noord-Brabant 3

Park Hooge Vorssel

At the Hooge Vorssel you will find many surprises along the way. You can discover burial mounds from prehistoric times and stroll along the frog ponds and over the sand drifts. For more information you can go to;

Maashorst nature reserve

The Maashorst nature reserve is a large area where you can discover a lot. From large grazers to exciting ancient treasures, there is much to experience with these rare natural gems!

Information Centers



You should definitely view / use this app if you are interested in visiting castles, churches, monasteries, monuments, museums, archaeology, fortified towns, etc.
Download it here: iOS / Android

Walking and biking

To walk

Heesch and the surrounding area have many walking routes. Are you looking for the best walking route for your trip? Then take a quick look at Routeyou.


Download the map with cycling nodes here. A free printed copy is available at reception.

Special transport

There are other transport options to
explore the Maashorst and the region
experience. E E-Step, Whisper Step, Me-mover,
High Bi-bike, Solex, et cetera:
The Mastworp – Uden
Bikeadventure – Herpen
Bikeadventure – Herpen
Whisper scooter rental – Zeeland

Mountain biking

The Maashorst has 100 km. at
mountain bike
trails. A total of 5 different routes, something for everyone

To run

Area information Heesch is a nice area for running. The Heesch tree park has a 2 km route, which is paved. There are many more routes with different distances and surfaces. You can find this at;


Location Bomenpark/Arboretum – Heesch or Meuwel – Nistelrode
You can pick up a membership card at the reception, you must have a National Vispas yourself.
Trout fishing – De Schutskooi in Oijen.

Climbing park

Golf course

Zevenbergen holiday park is regionally involved

North Brabant is bustling. There is a lot to experience. Numerous organizations are committed to this. Zevenbergen holiday park is regionally involved, and therefore also connected to the many initiatives. As a result, we can provide every holidaymaker with appropriate advice to organize the period completely according to their own preferences. Success is therefore assured.

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